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We Are the 99 Percent

Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street.



I loved this – someone I did business with during the week sent me ‘kudos’, positive feedback via this site ( and I felt it was such a cool thing to receive. I chose to publish their testimonial for my business. Simple to do. But I could have kept it a private posting too. I want to send kudos to others from now on because it created a brilliant ‘thank you’ at the close of a deal and I imagine for anything else in life.

Anyway, it’s positive, well developed – this could get big and I felt it’s a site that Stumblers would particularly love to use in their private life or at work to congratulate good businesses for the little things they do, or the big things. I think it would be a great way eventually to find the best companies to buy certain things from etc.

From the site:

“Who deserves your Kudos? Showcase the people, groups and businesses that amaze you ~ they’ll love you for it.

Another thing that surprised me was to find it’s only been operating a few weeks and the fellow I did business with was one of the owner/devs, Andy.

This isn’t a paid plug and I genuinely think a lot of people I know online will really want to use this – or more to the point, would love to have someone send them kudos for something they did well.

It reminded me of how I felt when I first used – a very positive web site that changes something about how people think about what the ‘Web’ is for – and I’m told new features are coming.


Simon Cottee Animation

A pixel artist and enthusiast who helps out with tutorials to help you get into it.


Ode to May – Piano Practice

An Ode to May Movements 1 and 2 – Piano, 6.26 mins long.

This is my attempt to encapsulate several things. Firstly, it began as an ode to springtime, the month of May in particular as experienced in England as described by a friend and also another friend’s news of the beginning of a relationship. As it was being written, a tragedy interrupted and a first movement was added.

This is about triumph over tragedy and the sweetness of life moving from a wintery happenstance towards new triumphs in life – bittersweet and with romantic forms – aslo inspired to an extent by Barcarolas.





How I Ran an Ad on Fox News | Arts and Life | SlateV

You can now advertise on TV via a similar interface to Adsense in Google.

This video shows how SlateV made a 30 second video, logged in to their Google account and booked the ad to run on various cable TV shows. They got about 1.3million views, and about 1000 visits to the special test website URL for a budget of $1,300.

They wanted to target conspiracy theory folk, so ran the ad primarily on Glen Beck re-runs.

Is the Goog going to also own TV advertising soon? This is an attractive proposition IMO.



My latest piano composition is “Growth”. It’s of course about growing as a human, learning, finding boundaries and new horizons and so on.

It’s more up-beat than my others, and with some galloping sections. I’m nearly 1 year into taking being a piano composer more than just a little seriously. Hope this seems like progress to you.. it’s a practice run-through from this morning.

Inspired to get it up and online today by some kind words from fellow Stumbler rosabas – sincere thanks to you for your supportive words.


Rarefied Day

Hoping you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day.

Rarefied Day is my poem to honour the sense of passion surrounding this day. If you are in love then I only hope its message fits in to your world mysteriously in some special way and helps to bring you closer.


Final Kiss

Final Kiss – Ben Kross, 2.47 mins, romanticism. A short piano piece describing the emotions surrounding the sense of despair at knowing that the kiss you are sharing with your love is to be the last kiss you will share before parting. You should be able to taste warm tears against your lips as you listen. I’m trialing new equalizer settings based on Decca recordings on this recording. Mp3 file, 2:47min, 6.6Mb.