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Ode to May – Piano Practice

An Ode to May Movements 1 and 2 – Piano, 6.26 mins long.

This is my attempt to encapsulate several things. Firstly, it began as an ode to springtime, the month of May in particular as experienced in England as described by a friend and also another friend’s news of the beginning of a relationship. As it was being written, a tragedy interrupted and a first movement was added.

This is about triumph over tragedy and the sweetness of life moving from a wintery happenstance towards new triumphs in life – bittersweet and with romantic forms – aslo inspired to an extent by Barcarolas.






My latest piano composition is “Growth”. It’s of course about growing as a human, learning, finding boundaries and new horizons and so on.

It’s more up-beat than my others, and with some galloping sections. I’m nearly 1 year into taking being a piano composer more than just a little seriously. Hope this seems like progress to you.. it’s a practice run-through from this morning.

Inspired to get it up and online today by some kind words from fellow Stumbler rosabas – sincere thanks to you for your supportive words.


Final Kiss

Final Kiss – Ben Kross, 2.47 mins, romanticism. A short piano piece describing the emotions surrounding the sense of despair at knowing that the kiss you are sharing with your love is to be the last kiss you will share before parting. You should be able to taste warm tears against your lips as you listen. I’m trialing new equalizer settings based on Decca recordings on this recording. Mp3 file, 2:47min, 6.6Mb.


Adrift – piano practice

Another less classical piano piece I’m working on. Again it’s about being affected by the loss of someone or something great in one’s life – the sense of being overwhelmed is replaced by the sense of overcoming the loss and finding that being adrift is actually a great state of being.

This is a rough recording so I can move on and keep working on another more classical piece upcoming in the next week or two.

Hope you like it and that it’s worthy of your interest and your time in passing it along for others to hear. Thanks for listening.


Without You – piano practice

A minute 12. A small but heartfelt piano expression about the loss of a great love.

Credit to stumbler EricPaul a fine pianist and teacher who has been a source of wisdom regarding composition. Thank you Eric for your kind observations and advice!

Thanks also to Stumblers who have thumbed up – it is wonderful to have had such personal remarks regarding this small but seminal and sentimental piece. I am glad it made some sense to you. Please pass it along to those you know who might understand it. Thank you all.


Artsia Luna – Home Index

It seems like a long time since I began – There are some of my poems (heart-felt and nonsense), some photos and a grab-bag of MP3 snippets from various home recordings.

I’ve also uploaded a new piano piece if you’re into that – link on the home page, also a link at the music/sonics page. No ads, no charge, no banners. I have GIVEN this stuff to over a hundred thousand people since around 2005 (have never promoted or hammed it). Glad to hear from you if you’ve enjoyed it.