I loved this – someone I did business with during the week sent me ‘kudos’, positive feedback via this site (Kirb.com) and I felt it was such a cool thing to receive. I chose to publish their testimonial for my business. Simple to do. But I could have kept it a private posting too. I want to send kudos to others from now on because it created a brilliant ‘thank you’ at the close of a deal and I imagine for anything else in life.

Anyway, it’s positive, well developed – this could get big and I felt it’s a site that Stumblers would particularly love to use in their private life or at work to congratulate good businesses for the little things they do, or the big things. I think it would be a great way eventually to find the best companies to buy certain things from etc.

From the site:

“Who deserves your Kudos? Showcase the people, groups and businesses that amaze you ~ they’ll love you for it.

Another thing that surprised me was to find it’s only been operating a few weeks and the fellow I did business with was one of the owner/devs, Andy.

This isn’t a paid plug and I genuinely think a lot of people I know online will really want to use this – or more to the point, would love to have someone send them kudos for something they did well.

It reminded me of how I felt when I first used StumbleUpon.com – a very positive web site that changes something about how people think about what the ‘Web’ is for – and I’m told new features are coming.

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