Statement in short: You can be assured that I do not keep databases on people, form profiles, sell or rent email addresses or any of the typical types of things that most people worry about in relation to privacy online.

Third party share buttons have been removed because cannot guarantee the policies of third party entities.

All the tools I use are well known and popularly used online by both web developers and web site visitors. If it’s on my site I can currently recommend it – but please do contact me if you have any reservations about any tool or link.

Any links including affiliate code (recommending a service) will be clearly marked as such.

I do not capture personally identifying information unless you agree to share it. I do not use any tools, widgets or apps to do so without your consent. Tracking visitor web traffic is instigated using open-source web statistics tools (rather than tools offered by companies who would certainly share that data). I do not sell web traffic data or IP addresses. Web logs are kept only in making sure the server operates correctly.